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pet̓lú7 at that (long past)...
pet̓méns pour out mushy stuff
pét̓ple7ce blister on heel
péwe pounds
pewel; pewrel nevertheless, after...
pewt swollen
pex-e,-es whittle, plane
pexe to scrape
pexelqwe plane/shave wood
pexke7 plane (tool)
pexyéwt tomorrow
pgeg fading, faded
pgwpegwe, pegwpegwu to knock, rap
píc-e,-es unravel
piceses to take the sewing...
píges smash into bits...
pigw-u,-es revive, bring back...
píkut smashed up, crushed
píkwes smash, crush
pík̓ut chipped
pík̓wes chip off
píl-u,-es scatter; lose
pílelc scatter, disperse...
pílet lost, lost one's...
pílk̓es Same as pelk'-u, to...
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Page 8 of 15, showing 25 record(s) out of 360 total

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