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pílk̓et roll off (plur.)
pílqut broken
pílqw-u,-es/pelqwetes break (off)
pílqwet broken, smashed up
piltatkwe to lay in the water
píl̓ce skirt
píl̓ceme put skirt on
pímes snap stg. apart
pimt snap apart (as string)
píntu pinto (horse)
pipxp weir made of willow...
píp̓xse to bloom
piq white
piqw look
píqwecwes; píqwete look at it
píqwes look at
píq̓wet crumbled
písell rainbow trout
pítkwet getting holes (of net)
píts̓-e,-es,-is press together,...
píx-e,-es hunt
pkwetes spill, scatter, esp....
plam make a "blubbering"...
plek̓ roll
plek̓wésell gather fish (caught...
preview Word Translation

Page 9 of 15, showing 25 record(s) out of 360 total

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