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p̓yuxw broken (without...
p̓yúse frown, make a face; ...
p̓yúse scrunch up your face...
p̓úsme heart
p̓úm̓llts̓e smoke fish or meat
p̓um̓ smoke a hide
p̓ullt dusty, powdery (of...
p̓úllens to powder
p̓úllelc dust-smudge (horses,...
p̓u7 fart
p̓q-em, -etés trample, flatten...
p̓new̓ses to fold, bend
p̓néws-e,-es fold, bend
p̓nellp wormwood Artemisia sp.
p̓map go fast on a vehicle
p̓len̓ll cedar bark
p̓íyxwes break without...
p̓íyxut broken (without...
p̓íxke7 branding iron
p̓íx-e,-es fry; brand (cattle)
p̓ilt filled to the brim,...
p̓gúl̓ecw burnt over ground
p̓gqin burnt over mountaintop
p̓gep burnt-over terrain
p̓g-em, -etés sting, burn (of...
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Page 1 of 15, showing 25 record(s) out of 360 total

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