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preview Word Translation
q7em suck, take the breast
q7ey sour, gone sour
q7icw scared, frightened,...
q7íll wake up (sing.)
q7ill awaken
q7íllens wake somebody up
q7its shrink
qé7tse father
qe7tse7ey̓e stepfather
qe7tse7úlecw birth place
qecw bang! (sound of...
qecwq̓ecwe7t boasting about...
qelcúm,-wetes bump into stg.
qellep contented
qellílc relax
qellmín parent
qellqellstes make sb. feel...
qellqellt better, improved
qelmucúlecw Indian reserve
qelmúcw Indian, human being
qelmucw7úw̓i Indian, secwépemc,...
qelmucwetkwe made 2 floods...
qelmucwtsín First Nations language
qelmucwtsnem speak a First...
qelmucwúl̓ecw First Nations land
preview Word Translation

Page 1 of 19, showing 25 record(s) out of 454 total

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