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q̓7e7s to take some time, old
q̓7e7s take some time; old
q̓7epse choke
q̓7es take a long time; of...
q̓allt est q̓all raindrop
q̓cwetés gather, assemble
q̓cwilc stand crowded together
q̓ecwecwícw cloppity-clop (sound...
q̓ell-u,-es braid
q̓elnéy̓em check one's nets/traps
q̓elste, q̓elsetes steam-cook
q̓elstém to steam cook
q̓elx-u,-etes circle, arrange in a...
q̓elxetéke to button it, button...
q̓elxíke wolverine
q̓elxílc pass a pipe around
q̓emewécwsts join (as two sticks)
q̓emxweke7 ball of wool, twine,...
q̓emxwekste7; qúmqste make a fist
q̓emxwepq-ne,-es tie the hair in a bun
q̓emxweqs-e,-es tie a knot on the...
q̓emxwetes shape into a ball
q̓en7elt go from house to...
q̓entés to add
q̓esenwelle impatient, tired of...
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Page 1 of 6, showing 25 record(s) out of 141 total

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