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preview Word Translation
qelqeltsném joke, say something...
qelqlél̓qw colourful
qelsme castor
qelsp̓ú7 Indian thistle...
qelt l. reach the top
qelt ll. fresh, E raw, not...
qelúcw bump into
qemel̓e nurse a baby
qemes shoot, hit
qemíns suck, take the breast
qemqe(t) lukewarm, cooled...
qemq̓ím,-es repair, assemble, join
qemt hit by shot
qemtseney̓-u,-mes supplicate, beg (to...
qep-u,-es soften hides
qepcw nut, hazelnut
qepcwellp hazelnut tree...
qepep soft (as flannel)
qepqépt soft (as flannel)
qepqeqp̓cw lobelia
qepqíntn kerchief
qeptswílc spring
qep̓cw nut, hazelnut
qep̓cwellp hazelnut tree...
qeqelstes enjoy, find stg....
preview Word Translation

Page 2 of 19, showing 25 record(s) out of 454 total

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