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preview Word Translation
qét̓ens hoist
qet̓yes put baby in...
qet̓yúle7ce to swing
qéwten hair (on head)
qewtn hair on head
qéw̓ke poison
qey-u,-es chase, drive cattle
qeyeyem̓ be agitated, hurry...
qeys nightmare
qeyt sour, gone sour
qéy̓qit intriguing
qi7xe7tes cause sb. to make a...
qícw-u,-es scare up (game),...
qícwqecwt shy, unsociable
qicwt scared, shy,...
qílqelt beautiful, nice,...
qínq̓e bracelet
QíÒixt ye7ene this is complicated
qipúses startle sb., give...
qip̓t wrinkled
qiqey-u,-es scare away, frighten...
qíqts̓e7t twitch
qís-e,-es tickle
qismíns have a nightmare about
qísqest ticklish; itchy
preview Word Translation

Page 4 of 19, showing 25 record(s) out of 454 total

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