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qitsíne; qiqitsíne make a frightening...
qits̓-e,-mes wink (at)
qits̓e wink
qít̓-u,-es angle
qit̓e fish hook
qit̓mes she fished
qixmín̓s mistake in stg.
qixpqín (E n̓) get dizzy
qixpqíqe7 go slightly crazy
QixqeneyíÒe getting silly
qixqeney̓e getting silly
qixqíns drive sb. crazy
qlew -em, -ens to pick berries
qléwe wild onion
qlqlel̓qw t̓e cmesmesqíqe7ce coloured tile
qmut hat
qmúte, qmútme to put hat on, put...
qné7e great-grandmother
qnu7 uvula
qp-u,-etes bandage
qpekst potholder
qsep tickled
qsepmíns tickled about stg.
qtsemíns find (a load) too heavy
qts̓-e,-etes weave
preview Word Translation

Page 5 of 19, showing 25 record(s) out of 454 total

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