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preview Word Translation
qu7 navel
quince comer
qumkste challenge to fight;...
qunllp waterlily Nuphar...
qúpse nest of rat or...
qúpse7 great-great-grandparent
qúqwte7 useless; "never mind"
quq̓íw brittle
qúte7 useless
qút̓e7 do the best one can...
qút̓ens stick stg. away,...
quy (expresses rising of...
qúyelc play in the dust
quyt make dust
qúy̓est dust smudge, Do ...
qw7at; tsqúqw7e natural bay
qw7e7ets slightly warm
qw7el discuss, plan, talk...
qw7el discuss, talk in group
qw7ep gunnysack, packsack,...
qw7epnete hat strap
qw7et getting soft (as...
qw7et soft (as tissue)
qw7ets warmed up
qw7ex smoke (of fire)
preview Word Translation

Page 6 of 19, showing 25 record(s) out of 454 total

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