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qw7ey bruised, E also...
qw7in to be phosphorescent
qwe7íl̓e umbilical cord
qwelemeke7 powder made of dried...
qwelqwalt powder snow
qwélqwelt powder snow
qwelqwlúl̓ecw dust, silt
qwélq̓welt have a skin...
qwelsellp willow salix...
qwelstwecw argue
qwelstwecw argue
qwelte7stsút talk senselessly
qweltél̓etcwu to read
qweltel̓tcw (e) read out
qweltel̓tewtn a tool for making...
qweltemí7 talkative
qweltse pine bough
qwemes ask sb. along (e.g....
qwemíns, qwlílcmes want
qwemlltímc invite people along
qwemlltíte7c challenge people
qwen-e,-s soak
qwene want
qwenímeqll mosquito
qwenqwnún̓xw weakling, ailing person
preview Word Translation

Page 7 of 19, showing 25 record(s) out of 454 total

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