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qwepqwepe apprehensive, afraid...
qwepqwepe7ulecw spooki land
QweqíÒt (plural) inside a...
qweqúq̓wtst fatter (person, animal)
qweqút̓e7cne race (horses)
qweqw7ekst-e,-cts make fists (at)
qweqw7ín phosphorescent
qwéqwe7t poor, pityful
qweqwént poor
qweqwenulecw poor places
qweqwépe frightened of ghosts
qweqweqnellp wild lupine Lupinus...
qweqweq̓w7ek Do chub
qweqwéq̓wme7t short (person)
qweqwet good-looking, nice...
qweqwet poor, E also "a pity!"
qweqwetes pity
qweqwetsín pray
qweqwetsíne look for sympathy, E...
qweqwetsqey̓e play 'possum,...
qweqweymulucw walking through a...
qweqwlí7t jackpine, lodgepole...
qweqwlíl7e small jackpine
qweqwll7t jackpine, lodgepole...
qweqwllílle7llppl birch Betula papyrifera
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Page 8 of 19, showing 25 record(s) out of 454 total

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