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quy (expresses rising of...
QweqíÒt (plural) inside a...
qwete7 04-Jan
qweltel̓tewtn a tool for making...
q̓etes add
qwetqwít̓ always smiling
qít̓-u,-es angle
qwme7ece ankle bone
qwmén̓ecen ankle bone
qwepqwepe apprehensive, afraid...
qwelstwecw argue
qwelstwecw argue
qwletecwey̓e argue
q̓wex-u,-mes ask for stg. (esp. ...
qwemes ask sb. along (e.g....
q7ill awaken
q̓emxweke7 ball of wool, twine,...
qp-u,-etes bandage
qecw bang! (sound of...
qeyeyem̓ be agitated, hurry...
q̓wempep be exhausted, all...
qwtíxe be lousy
qílqelt beautiful, nice,...
q̓wgeg becoming cheaper;...
qellqellt better, improved
preview Word Translation

Page 1 of 19, showing 25 record(s) out of 454 total

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