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r-s7útsqes r-wuwuméc animal manure
r stsmémelt t̓e tsqets̓.s class graph
répelc climb, ascend, rise,...
retrét dirty
retretulecw dirty ground
retréteqs dirty-nosed
r-tsuwet.s r-tmicw r-tsetsétes r-stem ecology
relman evening falls
reprépmest fall here and there...
r skwt̓usts her/his face
ri7 is, this, that
repelcellcw move to the mountain...
re my
retrét oily ( of skin), E ...
r q̓7es t̓e tsqwtseq t̓e sk̓wén̓llq organic mulch
repts-ne7,-es put on a stick (to...
rep-u,-es put up (pole)
rewí7s she herself
relralt strong, D brave
rile that one. Course 12:1,2
r-s7elksts r-sk̓wen̓llq the function of plants
r-sgw7ell the glare
r-s7elksts r-séwllkwe the work and duties...
ri7elye this here
ri7ene this one. Course 12:1,2
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Page 1 of 2, showing 25 record(s) out of 33 total

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