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s- lll. Nominalizer...
s7cecítec older one
s7e7an̓siye (E s7en) magpie
s7egé7ce crow
s7elkst handiwork, artifact,...
s7elkstéllcw work place
s7elk̓we cache for food in tree
s7elk̓wstsílle store of food
s7ell7í7lle goodies
s7ellnúnlecw plant (unid.,...
s7el̓kstn handiwork
s7ep̓syú7 finger-pulling game
s7esketec Alkali Lake people
s7est̓cwu duck
s7etqwllp bullpine, ponderosa...
s7etsekwec Lower Fraser Indians
s7etsqw roast potatoes
s7etste brother- or...
s7etwe sandhill crane
s7ewít behind...
s7ewít.s behind, in the past
s7ewíts after, behind
s7extekéke7 right side
s7extekéke7 right side
s7exwenílte (E ílt) sundogs
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Page 1 of 58, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,449 total

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