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s7éxwme7ten things to be thrown...
s7eytse answer
s7eytsqwmellp raspberry bush Rubus...
s7éytsqwu raspberry
s7gel̓kwe strain (potaoes)
s7í7eltec Bridge River Indians
s7i7llcw some; the rest of;...
s7igw get loose
s7istk winter
s7itsqwmellp raspberry bush Rubus...
s7íxwme7 sweepings
s7petíneses opinion
s7rál̓ku, s7rál̓kwes strain a liquid
s7úllcwste entered
s7úllmete to enter
s7uy juice
sae chirp (bird, chipmunk)
salqwu mountain above Tegwúps
sanse matter, pus
sat̓es sniff
sat̓qwe7 smell, sniff scent
sc7etsqw roast/ baked potatoes
sce7céllcw packrat,...
sce7cúl̓ecw rocky place
scec7ítec elder brother or...
preview Word Translation

Page 2 of 58, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,449 total

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