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scwekwekw lungs
scwelcwlekwe whirlwind
scwelcwlúps bird (unid.)
scwelliqín heads of kwtellp,...
scwelmink iron gun
scweltewes fail to recognize
scwepúp fathom
scwet̓me7el̓qs buckskin coat
scwet̓mín̓ hide, buckskin
scwicw snow lily, glacier...
scwicwéye ant
scwik̓ dried salmon
scwilel̓tcw cottonwood bark
scwnémt inlaws
scwpíxe hunter
scwumec mind/thoughts; life
scwyeylesec new sprouts come out
scwyeylesemc new sprouts
se7e7e wife
se7péllts̓e hang up deer to...
se7se7entsóot bark collectively ...
sec7epyugw mashed blueberries
sec7ep̓yúg̓w mashed blueberries
sec7íllen meal, food
secec numb, D also abated...
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Page 4 of 58, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,449 total

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