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secilap hour, o'clock
seciyésce7 the change you...
seckepen̓s toothache
seckwéwkwe ice flows in river
seckwnémtens r-secwépemc shuswap traditional...
seckwnete practice, way...
seclextsín, seclaxtsín saliva (inside mouth)
secllextsín slobber, drool
secnek̓w7etkwec North Thompson people
secpellts̓e hang up deer to...
secpeqtsín dawn
secpet̓mepel̓qs end of a story
secplúl̓k̓w gathering, party
secpt̓e? ripened salmon- or...
secp̓ewt noise, racket, E echo
secrepqín hour before noon
secsá7pep dregs; leftover...
secscúlecw virgin country
secséc feeling on her skin
secseckst ll. get gooseflesh
secseckst l. thievish (about kids)
secseck̓ewt valley/ravine
secsecpcén̓ have pins and...
secsect pure, sterile; teenager
sectecwpíl̓t adopted child, you...
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Page 5 of 58, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,449 total

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