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sectek̓e fluid contents
sectexellts̓e person disliked, hated
sectnu7ellcwec people living on the...
sectseqwsíl̓t first baby
sectsetéws midnight
sectsetse7llóos matter in eye
sectsíqe grave
sectsk̓éne ear wax
secúl̓ece get one's bearings,...
sécw-u,-es bathe
secwen̓we morning
secwépemc Shuswap
secwepemc spilling water...
secwepemcékst East wind
secwepemctsín Shuswap language
secwepemcúl̓ecw shuswap land
Secwepemcwétkwe Shuswap Lake
secwle7 to bathe a child
secwlet very sick, dying, B ...
secwmúy̓e swim
secwmúy̓e bathe for fun...
secwsqeqxe7te Hudson Bay tea,...
secwsqeqxe7ten Hudson Bay tea,...
secwte7úw̓i pour down hard
secwtske carver
preview Word Translation

Page 6 of 58, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,449 total

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