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secwwewle fisherman
secwyenst (elso a, E es) woodworm
secyúl̓qs thighbone
segsesegt penstemon, beard...
segúgw rainstorm
segwecen̓ big flakes- first snow
segwégw downpour/ or the...
segwsés, skwek̓wes sun, sunlight
segwsgwetsút limber up
segwsígw(t) loose,
segwyeg̓wten, syegwyég̓wten belt
sekeí7 tribe (Sekanee); dance
sekeple7llp rosebush
seketúcwe7 (E sketúcw) bog cranberry
sekewec Cree Indians
sekí7 cactus Opuntia fragilis
Sekií7 cactus
seklécwe7 muskrat
sekúse7t star
sekwekwínec people of Sugar Cane...
sekwek̓wi auntie (address form)
sekwéw̓ rosehip
sek̓elepelqw pillar rock
sek̓lép coyote
sek̓úy aunt
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Page 7 of 58, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,449 total

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