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preview Word Translation
sek̓wmín̓ knife
sek̓wtúps whitetail deer
selal clear, lift (of fog)
selap peeled apart, having...
selcece7 two-wheeled cart
selcen ec re temtew̓ses bicycle
selcwey(e)ce(n) caribou, E moose
sélemt peeled apart, having...
sélente take apart sticky...
selesq̓t Tuesday
seléwll balsam cones (cones...
Selketkwe place name, Tappen...
selk̓etsín edge, shore, D also...
sell7úpekst twenty
sellts̓7ú7úw̓i moccasin
selóle7cw clay
selpellq greedy about...
selpetes try and beat sb. to...
selpetsút get oneself all excited
selpéts̓e7 peel off
selplóote ball game
selpqín come to one's senses...
selptsín in a hurry to fill...
selpús startled
selselxéyes r-qelmúcw the stories of the...
preview Word Translation

Page 8 of 58, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,449 total

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