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preview Word Translation
selselxéy̓es the stories
selúxw crash
selxwexwíxw make crashing sounds
sem(e)7el̓cke white man's bedbug
seme7 white person
seme7étec doing things like a...
seme7sqíle(m)cw dwarf
seme7sqíqle7ce (E le7cw) dwarf
seme7tsín white man's language
seme7ulecw town or city
seme7úl̓ecw white man's land
semetsne speak English
semlew̓ek locust
semme7ús shady side of mountain
semteqe7 mushroom aqaricus...
semt̓eqe7 mushroom Agaricus...
semyúy7e small fish (unid.)
sen- (superlative prefix,...
sen7ewít.s the very last
sen7íkw or nen7íkw? rippling of water,...
sen7íkw, nen7ik̓w rippling of water,...
senclél̓cte spawning grounds
senclel̓ten spawning grounds
sencw7its most, largest number
sencwesellp bush similar to...
preview Word Translation

Page 9 of 58, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,449 total

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