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t.sey̓qe7 I cover berries
syuyugwten̓ your strength/spirit
syúmtec woman's periods
syíkts falls down
syikt fallen tree
syewemíns to look after
syeq̓ boiled-down berries
syéqweqw black beetle
syeq boiled down berries
syelt plate
syek̓ type of falcon
syekweyúkwe7 wart
syekúkw this time last year
syekstn, sesyéksten toy
syekstíl̓etn children's toys
syegwyúgwt strength, power
syecwelstsút illegitimate child
syecle7qs coat
sye7yúkwe7 wart
sye7úq̓w rotten wood
sye7úl tainted something,...
sxyeps gets hot
sxyéne number, digits
sxwyeyleqs Do shrew (animal)
sxwu7llq̓welt adam's apple
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Page 1 of 58, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,449 total

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