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cts̓elcwícwke7, ctselcwícwke7tn saddle
pún̓ek See pune7qe, "to...
t(e)cíts-e,-es shear hair off...
t.selelltiyénecu two years
t.selpalqw treebark peels off
t.selpal̓qw treebark peels off
t.selpcíts beat sb. to a spot
t.selpetse7 to peel off
t.selpéts̓e7 peel off
t.selslel̓ke two-point deer
t.ser̓es shake off
t.ser̓t shaken off
t.sesusekwe "little islands" at...
t.seyse(m)sts play with sb.
t.síq̓tes r scúyet ice cracking
t.slalqw-em, ens to strip
t.slal̓qw-u,-es strip off (bark)
t.sp̓al̓qu, tspál̓qwu bash stg. against a...
t.sp̓él̓qwmes bash stg. against a...
t.sú7lecw frozen land
t.súllecw frozen ground
t.sulltímc inquire
t.sult frozen
t.súl̓lecw frozen ground
t.sul̓s hard crust on top...
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Page 1 of 92, showing 25 record(s) out of 2,300 total

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