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tcúsmes search, look for
t̓7é excuse me "I will go...
t̓7ek go
t̓7ékwes going, goes to
t̓7élye here, to/at this...
t̓7em See t'entés
t̓7éne this, thus, here, now
t̓7exw less deep (of snow)
t̓7ikw stop raining
t̓7íkwe take shelter from rain
t̓7iq bleached, white (as...
t̓7um moult
t̓7up wind around
t̓amtsne smack, slurp
t̓cum to win
t̓cwetes beat in game/match
t̓e sts7ék̓ws by light
t̓ec-u,-es take food out of a...
t̓ecelc come out of the water
t̓ecetkwe sweet water
t̓ect sweet
t̓éctes is sweet
t̓ecúcw numb, E paralysis
t̓ecwelltsín speak a different...
t̓ecwellúl̓ecw different land
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Page 1 of 10, showing 25 record(s) out of 228 total

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