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preview Word Translation
t7ex ill-disposed...
t7ex don't want someone...
t7eyelltímc meet the people...
t7éyes meet
t7eytk catch a disease
t7éytke get a disease a...
t7ikw fire, Do flame, B ...
t7imcw spring thaw, snow...
t7íq̓me7 scraping rack for skins
t7íq̓wel̓qwe extract sap of jackpine
t7íq̓wel̓qwtn implement for...
t7íweltk area far from river,...
t7lek̓etec you bind or wrap
t7llqwétec string
t7sicwne7 throwing water
t7úp7epekst ten (persons), with ten
t7ustk catch salmon
T7yecqs Long Point
ta7 put not quite
ta7céts/ta7cits refuse sb. stg.
ta7e no
ta7stás forbid, not allow
tá7us don't
tá7us ke7 shehú don't yawn
tak-u,-es stack
preview Word Translation

Page 3 of 92, showing 25 record(s) out of 2,300 total

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