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preview Word Translation
tále, tálens. stretch, extend
talece curlew
tálente lay it out, string it
tcecentén̓, necnélestn rug
tcécp̓ten feather on arrow
tcecp̓tn feather on arrow
tcekew̓tn bed
tcelc go/tag along
tcenceqs stony point, promontory
tcenewsts cover (a path) from...
tcenqín̓ head-covering
tcenqín̓-e,-s put stg. as cover...
tcentes spread out (as...
tcentsút (B tec) shape oneself up, C ...
tcetscts̓úse7 hard (of unripe fruit)
tcets̓ elk
tcets̓tes keep stg. for oneself
tcet̓pel̓qw blocked off with a...
tceyí7/tecyí7 enough, received some
tcey̓kstn capelet covering...
tcíkelc Same as txíken̓st,...
tcilc to accompany...
tcítske7 (Do tec) knife for shearing...
tcíts̓e7 hairs removed (skin)
tcíw̓es curry (a horse)
preview Word Translation

Page 4 of 92, showing 25 record(s) out of 2,300 total

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