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tcíw̓p-u,-es trim a horse's tail
tcleptaw̓s trail runs over...
tclon̓ worn out
tcmem roost (plur.) climb...
tcmewt (birds) are sitting...
tcméwtmetmukwe to be covered with...
tcnen̓e,-ns cover
tcnew̓ses spread a tablecloth
tcnew̓stn tablecloth
tcníts̓-e7,-e7s cover stg. with...
tcúcwel̓k̓w-u,-es roll a cigarette
tcúk̓w-u,-es pull out (nail,...
tcúk̓wpe7s pull the tail of stg.
tcum See txwatas
tcús-e,-mes look (For)
tcúsmes search, look for
tcút̓-e, -ens take off (as blanket)
tcút̓cne take off one's shoes
tcw7ene,-ns lift stg. onto one's...
tcw7ít many (persons) with...
tcw7ús add fuel to a fire
tcweccetén̓ dog urine
tcwecwle7tsítse chatterbox
tcwecwmem̓lests surprise sb., catch...
tcwelcwlé7llp gooseberry bush
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Page 5 of 92, showing 25 record(s) out of 2,300 total

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