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tcwelpaw̓s/tcwelpew̓s break (in water pipe...
Tcwelpiílc to turn around
tcwelqíne make an opening in...
tcwescwestsín̓ gossip
tcwesetmes go and see, go for
tcwete7wílc become more plentiful
tcwetés add to
tcwetíl̓t to have many children
tcwetpíl̓t stop having children...
tcwets̓ceten̓ dog urine
tcwetwécmes to lift something up...
tcwetwecwmes lift stg. up together
tcwi7ekst south wind
tcwum, tcwup receive provisions,...
tcyúses facing
te subtract
te/t̓e the, a (sometimes...
te7 not. Course 9:3,4....
te7cwcíts let sb. have stg.
te7cwetes allow, admit, let in
te7el what's-his/her-name,...
te7éye oh, my!, oh, dear!
te7ó7ye; t7ó7ye no success in...
te7ól̓ecw barren land
te7ol̓ecw (also 1) barren, empty (land)
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Page 6 of 92, showing 25 record(s) out of 2,300 total

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