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Page 7 of 92, showing 25 record(s) out of 2,300 total

preview Word Translation
te7óy̓e to have no success...
té7xwell dirty thing
tec.wíselc jump over
técke carry on the back
tecke7sqex-e7,-e7s pack a horse
teckemes pack on the back
tecknellq to pack berries on...
teclón, tclon̓ fail to make it in...
teclón̓ insufficiency, be...
teclón̓ wear out
tecnénentmes covered over
tecteyq̓w muddy water
tecw7ít many (persons), with...
tecwellwílcwes change
tecwtecwét more and more,...
tecwtecwwíselc jump over (plur.)
tecwts̓e7sqexe7 slaughter
tecwtút̓cwe7 small type of...
tecwt̓ícwell different kinds
tegúgw See tegwagw (to...
tégwe visit
tegwégw, tegwúgw run (plur.)
tégwenmens visit sb.
tegwetígwe mint
tegwey̓e run a footrace
preview Word Translation

Page 7 of 92, showing 25 record(s) out of 2,300 total

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