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tegwey̓ests race against sb.
tegwmíns run after, pursue...
tegwsqexe7 turn loose horses
tegwtsín run along edge/bank
tegwt̓gwúl̓ecw hard ground
tegwt̓úgwt hard, tough
tegwt̓ugwt7úy too hard
tegwt̓úgwtwilc become hard
Tegwúps north side of Adams...
tegwyegwtén spiritual power
tek- See t-
tek/t̓ek a, some, any. Course...
tek/t̓ek some, any.
tek7ewít (D tkew̓ít) tail end, space behind
tekcw,-mes smell proximity of...
téke yem for example, see
teke! look! (teke mé7e!...
tekellele three (persons),...
tekellés three (persons),...
tekemé7e you see, that is to...
teklew̓t "without delay, In...
tekne7elye this way (direction)
teknects refuse to give sb. stg.
teknemes protect, take under...
teknu7ep other side of the...
preview Word Translation

Page 8 of 92, showing 25 record(s) out of 2,300 total

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