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tekpelqstn loincloth; apron
tekstsetés, stqeltks put stg. on top of stg.
tekstsetkwe7 float (sing.)
tekstsew̓ses put (one object) on...
tektae7e(n) which way/direction,...
tektal̓kwe string on cradle...
tektécketn packstrap
tektel̓emekstmes send stg. along,...
tektel̓nekst dispatch (an object)
tékten in the direction of,...
tekten hé7e in which direction,...
tekten7élye on/by this side
tekten7éne by this/that way, in...
tektenrí7 this way, in this...
tekteq̓mekmekst six (persons), with six
tektéq̓wel̓qwu nail a board to stg.
tekteq̓yep pelvis, hips
tektetémt cloudy
tektícwts̓e7tn weapon
tektíts̓e7 put on a shirt
tektkwekweltk underneath
tektk̓méne shoulders
tektmém cloudy
tektmesq̓t cloudy day
tektn, -úne that way (direction)
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Page 9 of 92, showing 25 record(s) out of 2,300 total

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