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t̓yetsút train oneself
t̓ye7í7lt small canoe, toy canoe
t̓ye7cén go aboard
t̓ye7 (birchbark) canoe
t̓wewyeqs yearling caribou
t̓weq collapse, cave in, E...
t̓úy(e)cwt fly (plur.)
t̓ús-u,-es take/suck out marrow
t̓uqw arrowhead that...
t̓úpkwe there is a whirlpool
t̓úpke7 drill; stick for...
t̓upellcwes throw stg. out of...
t̓úpelc make a spinning...
t̓úpe7 great-grandfather
t̓upe/tkt̓upme7 wringer
t̓úp-u,-es spin, twist, wring
t̓úmes slurp foamy food,...
t̓um See t'úmens
t̓úlens (shaman) exerts his...
t̓ucwtsts cause to fly, in flight
t̓ucwt fly, to take flight
t̓úcwe7 scouring rush...
t̓ucw II. numb
t̓ucw I. only, just, as soon...
t̓uc we7 stémes whatever
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Page 1 of 92, showing 25 record(s) out of 2,300 total

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