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cts̓elcwícwke7, ctselcwícwke7tn saddle
ts- I. hither; acquired...
ts- II. (prefix of the...
ts.sey̓qe7 to cover your...
ts.síq cracked (not broken)
ts.sumsts they smell
ts.súnkwe (E elso kwå£e island
ts7al frozen
ts7áltse ice around the edge
ts7cik̓, cík̓t wrong
ts7e7ank̓w twisted
ts7é7k̓wu bloomed, full flowering
ts7ecw happy, glad
ts7ecwt there is a (snow) slide
ts7ek̓w daylight, E bloom
ts7élk̓wstses it stores
ts7émelc go and get food out...
ts7emét.ste it is called
ts7emétste to call by name
ts7emetsts call (by a name)
ts7emetúl̓ecwste called (of a place)
ts7emstcw, -es, -sts leave (a child) with...
ts7emstcwíl̓e Same as ts7emstcw,...
ts7ep bloodstained
ts7ewít last
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Page 1 of 44, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,095 total

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