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cts̓elcwícwke7, ctselcwícwke7tn saddle
ts̓7al hurt, smart
ts̓7ell to become cold
ts̓7um cry, weep
ts̓alt bitter, sour, salty
ts̓ánqe ears ringing (from...
ts̓anqes make sb.'s ears ring...
ts̓cetcwekp Look at you guys
ts̓cetcwekp; tsxetwécw Look at each other
ts̓e7ce deerhoof rattle
ts̓e7ellp bush (unid., poss....
ts̓e7ellts̓e deer meat
ts̓e7s stupid
ts̓e7úw̓i deer meat
ts̓ece (address form of...
ts̓ecen̓ deerhoof rattle tied...
ts̓ecmíns ashamed of sb's...
ts̓ecwelmíns embarrassed
ts̓écwlem wrong, unpleasant
ts̓ecwlestes dislike
ts̓egtín rattlesnake
ts̓elatkwe sour water
ts̓elcéwellen̓ able to stand up
ts̓elctsín̓ attend a funeral
ts̓elcúlecw Tower
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Page 1 of 7, showing 25 record(s) out of 155 total

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