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ts7éytses answer
ts7ic get warm, warm up
ts7igw bleed
ts7íllenstmes what it is eaten by
ts7íllensts what it eats
ts7ím-ne,-es call to sb. (of bird)
ts7ix strong aversion, E ...
ts7ol stretched (as...
ts7úkw-u,-es bring, carry, haul
ts7úkwestmes carried away
ts7úkwests carries
ts7ukwetsin I bought food for you
ts7úllcwe come inside
ts7um hit, strike
tsalcemes step off, measure in...
tsalcne step
tsaske7 rattle
tsast rattle
tsc7i7úys squint-eyed, having...
tscal partitioned off by...
tscemitep priced
tscen lying spread out (as...
tscetéke fix it
tscetsle7cw porridge of burnt flour
tscet̓ blocking, across;...
preview Word Translation

Page 2 of 44, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,095 total

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