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tscíci7 receive parts of...
tscícyests give sb. parts of...
tscits t̓e st̓ye7 mowed hay or grass
tsclelére wear no underwear
tsclrénkce wear no socks
tsclus cliff
tscmét̓kw-e7, -e7s mix (sugar) in drink
tscúcwse7 lively, energetic...
tscúkwete pull it out
tscúltse pursed lips
tscwel diverted water, side...
tscwelensmól̓ecw mud and weeds at...
tscwelk̓wetkwe whirlpool, eddy
tscwep opened up; yardstuff
tscwetcwít̓ cut up
tscwetcwut̓ce bare feet, no shoes
tscwiyúlecw dawn
tse7ce little girl
tse7ém to fix
tse7mekséltes shows them by doing
tse7meksélts her teaching
tsec.wel tilted
tsec.wík bare-bottomed, E naked
tsec.winúcw survive the night...
tsec7ém, tscetés fix, repair, tidy up
preview Word Translation

Page 3 of 44, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,095 total

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