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preview Word Translation
tsec7emlltsítcw stay in the house of...
tsec7eqw7úqwne earwax
tsec7eye (E tsece7ey̓ne) fix a net
tsec7ey̓lek̓ scrape the uneven...
tsec7í7elcste to share, distribute
tsec7íq̓u7s ploughed (of road)
tsecalemátkwe holy water
tsece7tsín, -s; tsecetsín lie in wait (for)
tsece7ústn poker
tsecel̓ep fix a bed
tsecemetép price
tseceqín̓-e, -s spread blanket on...
tsecetés he fixes it
tsecetwécw agree, settle with...
tsecílc dress up, get...
tsecílep make bed up
tseck7epménst sickly
tseck7ew̓es mid-morning
tseckekelltsítse7tn Do chips
tseckek̓7e placed, put in (esp....
tseckek̓elqús crosseyed
tseckelltsenmí7sts leave a door open...
tseckelltsín̓ leave (a door) open
tseckelltsín̓ open (door), the...
tseckepk̓epcús hollow-eyed, deeply...
preview Word Translation

Page 4 of 44, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,095 total

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