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tseckept̓cwucwecwe7k(sp?) spring comes
tseckets̓tsetsítsne7 snaffle bit, horse...
tseckíp̓xe clasped under the...
tseckiqin dry-topped tree
tseckníp̓u7s narrow road
tseckúp stuffed; pillow
tseckwcwenk ravine
tseckwelk̓wals crosseyed (from...
tseck̓7ew̓s large object is...
tseck̓cwécwel̓cken ravine
tseck̓elqús crosseyed
tseck̓epcwétkwe deep pool, a body of...
tseck̓iqín dry-topped tree
tseck̓púcw hollowed out,
tseck̓púcw something with a...
tseck̓púpcw bowl
tseck̓úcw hollowed out (ground)
tseck̓úykwe "big submerged log"...
tseck̓úy̓lecw snag
tseck̓wcwecwel̓cke cave
tsecleqwlíq̓ws "popeye" (term of...
tseclígw ice is open, E ...
tsecll(e)p̓ús head hangs sideways
tsecllcúp hung up
tseclle7íke lying on the back
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Page 5 of 44, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,095 total

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