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tseclle7íkne; tsecll7ike; c7llikne lie down on one's back
tsecllellelle canned foods
tsecllep̓qenúps-u,-es hang game behind one...
tsecllqús with patch on eye
tsecllúqw-e7,-e7s dip up
tsecllúq̓u7sqe bald
tsecllúq̓wenk bare sidehill
tsecmeg (luke)warm (in vessel)
tsecmemelqwén̓s having the teeth...
tsecmetqéw̓s dented
tsecmet̓kw-e7,-e7s mix (sugar) in drink
tsecmimúyce bowlegged
tsecnegégs drowsy looking, eyes...
tsecnesep starting-line (for...
tsecník̓u7s cut (a log) in half
tsecpcwew̓s road is drifted over...
tsecpegtem canyon
tsecpegtsín break of dawn
tsecpegwpígws having the eyes open
tsecpelq̓qín̓ (E l̓) person who does...
tsecpel̓éq̓s inside out
tsecpepelk̓ús eyes rolled up (only...
tsecpepelqwen̓s teeth knocked out
tsecpeqtsín dawn breaks
tsecpetkwew̓s leak (of vessel);...
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Page 6 of 44, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,095 total

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