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tsecpétk̓wenk cave
tsecpuq̓w a shell in a...
tsecp̓egtem̓ burnt-over lowland
tsecp̓egwe very quiet (person),...
tsecp̓ém̓cw milk
tsecqeqtkwe "place where peopole...
tsecqwmim̓knes humback (salmon)
tsecq̓íxp caged, locked up
tsecreples build up in field
tsecreptsín mouth of creek
tsecrepu7sqe crest of bird
tsecrerpu7sqe crest of bird
tsecrer̓plecw center pole
tsecrer̓ples center pole
tsecséykwe grass, leaves, etc.,...
tsecsqesem canyon
tsecsq̓éstem̓ canyon
tsecsúl frozen over
tsect7ek̓ liquid in a vessel;...
tsecték (filled with...
tsectekwtkwéne deaf
tsecteqtqew̓s stuttering
tsecteqwtqús sunken eyes
tsecteqwtqwén̓kcen arch of foot
tsecteqwtqw̓en̓kce arch of foot
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Page 7 of 44, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,095 total

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