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tsectexwkwe hanging in the water
tsecteyllts̓e remain/ left hungry
tsectíq̓w dirty, muddy water,...
tsectll7esk̓e rest one's back,...
tsectqew̓s stuttering
tsectsectsk̓exe body odor, smell of...
tsectsellts̓e pregnant
tsectsellts̓e pregnant
tsectselts̓líl̓ke camel
tsectsemts̓áms matter in the eyes
tsectsetemí7 left/forgotten...
tsectsetemí7; tsecstsetemí7 left/forgotten...
tsectsetkwe in the water (sing.)
tsectsetsq placed in the oven
tsectsets̓llós having matter in the...
tsectsíckste7 warm one's hands
tsectsícktme7 warm ones hands
tsectsíq grave, also hole in...
tsectskéwll something hollowed out
tsectskew̓ll stg. hollowed out
tsectsk̓exe smell of armpits
tsectsqew̓s parked on the road
tsectsúl̓ecw lie on the bottom...
tsectsustes tell sb. how to do...
tsectsút.se7 stock with potatoes...
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Page 8 of 44, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,095 total

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