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tsects̓ect shameful
tsects̓elcwetkwe snag
tsects̓lénkce cork boots (with...
tsects̓letkwe snag
tsects̓lutew̓s stand on the road; ...
tsectúqw indented, arched
tsectúxw fully trained
tsect̓ek7ellqen̓kst leaning sideways on...
tsect̓epqtem̓ dirty inside
tsect̓ew̓s partition; room
tsect̓gwél̓cke hollow
tsect̓ugw broken tail
tsect̓úgw broken trail
tsect̓uqénk cliff
tsect̓yelp fated, predestined
tsect̓yelp fated, predestined
tsecul̓ecwu clear land
tsecús-e,-es fix the face
tsecw7éwses hold (a child) in...
tsecwecwyéyut-e, -ens get stg. on credit
tsecwésell jackspring salmon
tsecwíl̓e enjoy one's children
tsecwmíns happy to see sb.
tsecwtsécwt joyful
tsecyecwílc horse race down the...
preview Word Translation

Page 9 of 44, showing 25 record(s) out of 1,095 total

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