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úpekst ell seséle twelve
úpekst ell tellenkúk̓w7e nineteen
úpekst ell teq̓mékst sixteen
úpekst ell tsilkst fifteen
úpekst ell tsútsllke7 seventeen
upékst t̓e scecenc ten millions
upékst t̓e scecenc t̓e scecenc ten billions
upékst t̓e scenc ten thousands
upeksts tens
úp̓s-e,-es hook out fish
up̓sílc snap back to...
úp̓ske7 gaffhook
úq̓wi brother (of male),...
us! well!, why!
ust dive
ute7úw̓i very last
utestés go behind sb.
útsqe go to the toilet
preview Word Translation

Page 2 of 2, showing 18 record(s) out of 43 total

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