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ucw again, as in previously
ucw again, as previously
úq̓wi brother (of male),...
ullcwsts cause to enter, take...
ust dive
ú7se egg
úpekst ell nek̓w7ú7ps eighteen
úpekst ell nek̓ú7 eleven
ullcw enter
úllcwemcts enter sb.'s lodging
úllcwmete entered
úllcwénkes enters into the soil
úpekst ell tsilkst fifteen
úcwce7 foot is frozen
úpekst ell mus fourteen
ucwt frozen
úp̓ske7 gaffhook
unllq go ahead and check...
utestés go behind sb.
unllq go on a...
útsqe go to the toilet
ucwkst hand is frozen
úp̓s-e,-es hook out fish
ú7tscen lizard
úpekst ell tellenkúk̓w7e nineteen
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Page 1 of 2, showing 25 record(s) out of 43 total

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