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w7e7c hardly
w7ec (there), present, to...
w7ey public, known, revealed
w7is rise
w7is rise
w7íses rises
w7íses rises
w7tá7a even though she...
w7us dive
w7yec even though
we7 at least, whatever,...
we7eles ready (to go, to do...
we7ewen̓s (manage to) finish stg.
we7t̓henes whatever, how ever
we7wíke hallucinate
weccén tracks
wecemíc wild mustang
wecmílc come to life
wecqín-e,-s comb the hair
wecstes See westés, "to...
wecwmílc See wecmilc, "to...
wecwqíne See wecqínem, "to...
weh, weh woof, woof!
wekcetes see animal tracks
wéken wagon (work derived...
preview Word Translation

Page 1 of 6, showing 25 record(s) out of 147 total

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