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welpúl̓ecw earth gets scorched
welqs-ém, -etés light the end of...
welq̓-em,-etés uncover
welq̓él̓etcwes, welq̓él̓etcwete to open book, open...
welq̓etéke open up, uncover
welq̓pús uncover the head; ...
welúl̓ecwes burn (flour)
welwalt shiny
welweláps antlers
welwelik̓t sparkle/twinkle
wel̓emey̓e utter a forced laugh
wel̓íle, u7líle laugh (singular)
weméc, wuméc live, be alive
wenécw-u really
wenecwméke must have been true
wenecwtsín speak the truth, E ...
wenécwu it is true, really
wenéx huckleberry
wenexéllp huckleberry bush...
wepepu7sqe wepápu7sqa beard
wepwepcen̓ lynx
wepwepepel̓cke hairy caterpillar
wepwepéqsten hair in nostrils
wepwepéqstn hair in nostrils
wepwupaq̓stn hair in nostrils
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Page 3 of 6, showing 25 record(s) out of 147 total

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