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preview Word Translation
weqes take out (as sliver)
wes (rapid-speech form...
westeke even though, in...
westes apply oneself to...
weswesetsut arrogant; putting on...
weswís-e, -es flatter
weswísxe robin
wet7e, wete (D wete) almost
wetémtk downstream area
wetem̓tk downstream area
wetk-úm,-wetes carry prey in mouth;...
wetk̓c vomit
wetk̓ctn vomiting stick
wetk̓el-e, -ens pry up
wetk̓elcúses lift over the fire...
wetk̓éle, wetk̓elens to pry up
wetk̓elt pried up, loose
wetk̓lcuses to lift (over the...
wetsín finish eating, have...
wetsqeq̓lltn look for pitchwood
wets̓ep split off/away, E ...
wetwetk̓es r tsququm volcano?
wew(-u),-es call, holler (to)
wewecmes holler about stg.,...
wewetne (Do ete) lover of married...
preview Word Translation

Page 4 of 6, showing 25 record(s) out of 147 total

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