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wewéw̓kmenst electric storm
weweyene known
wewey̓ús sharp-sighted
wewikts pictures it in her mind
wewiw̓st ne tmicw higher land
wéwle to fish
wéwlem to fish
wéwlmes fishing
wewtsk three-pronged...
wewtsk-e,-es spear (fish)
wex-ém,-etés light, set fire to
wexém, wexetés to light, set fire to
wexep burn, E flame
wexwelst fungus found on fir...
wey-e,-es reveal, let out (a...
weyelcmes show oneself to sb.
weyt perish (sing.)
weyt-kp hello! (to several)
weytk hello! (to one)
wéle and then... (most...
wi7 finished, ready; ...
wi7sts finish
Wií7ste finish it
Wiíkem to see
wikts She, he, it, or they...
preview Word Translation

Page 5 of 6, showing 25 record(s) out of 147 total

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