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wyesq̓t weather clears up
wuwitsín loud
wuwéwu holler (plur.)
wutsín to finish eating
wutmept downstream
wutemptékst downstream wind
wumecwícsts revive
wúmec alive
WulenmeyíÒe giggle
wucwt it snows
wuct it snows
wo7 wo7 (sound of...
wíwllwell snipe
wiweyulecw place, not hard to find
wiwéy visible
wíts̓ke7 wedge
wíts̓-e,-es chop, split
wits-em,ens to chop, split
wist high
wíselc ascend, go up
wíq̓-e,-es undo, wreck
wíle lichen Alectoria jubata
wikts She, he, it, or they...
Wiíkem to see
Wií7ste finish it
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Page 1 of 6, showing 25 record(s) out of 147 total

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