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preview Word Translation
we7ewen̓s (manage to) finish stg.
wes (rapid-speech form...
weleq̓ (sound of frog)
wo7 wo7 (sound of...
w7ec (there), present, to...
wúmec alive
wet7e, wete (D wete) almost
wéle and then... (most...
weláps antler, horn
welweláps antlers
westes apply oneself to...
weswesetsut arrogant; putting on...
wíselc ascend, go up
we7 at least, whatever,...
wepepu7sqe wepápu7sqa beard
wel-ém, -entés burn (accidentally)
welúl̓ecwes burn (flour)
wexep burn, E flame
wew(-u),-es call, holler (to)
wetk-úm,-wetes carry prey in mouth;...
welépes catch on fire
wíts̓-e,-es chop, split
wecqín-e,-s comb the hair
wecmílc come to life
welécmes consider stg. a...
preview Word Translation

Page 1 of 6, showing 25 record(s) out of 147 total

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